Book Editor for Authors – Lilith Kyper

Lilith Kyper is an editor for EBooks and offering her services to authors on Amazon or other Ebook publishing sites.

Readers appreciate a work that is error free and will become your repeat customers as you produce more stories and books. Good edits means better reviews and more sales of your Ebook.


  • 43 years as a certified schoolteacher editing students’ work.10 years editing term papers for college students (both under graduates and graduates students).
  • 1 year editing EBooks for publishers and authors that publish on Amazon and other Ebook sites.
  • Certified for teaching English as a Second Language in two states, so I am familiar with editing papers written by English Second Language authors.


  • Rates are reasonable and agreed upon by both parties before edits start. Edits reports are clear and color-coded to make it easy for the author to correct their manuscripts.
  • Editing services can be customized to meet your individual needs.
  • Invoice is personalized for easy understanding of services.

Range of services:

  • Simple edits for errors in text.
  • Complete edits with suggestions to improve character development, story line and sentence flow to make the story development smooth the conclusion of the story.
  • Re-checks to discover any additional edit problems after corrections are made.
  • Help writing a description to make your offering more appealing.
  • Editing of technical writing and non-fiction.

Contact Lilith Kyper at:

Lilith Kyper (Editor Extraordinaire)


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