Author Friends

I.M. Telling

The Slave Factory

My friend Mr. Telling writes using his wicked sense of humor in several areas of erotica. The Slave Factory is his first full-length book with BDSM as the theme and his best work so far.  In his forty-five offered eBooks your will find a variety of topics to tempt any reader.

His website is:

Jolynn Raymond

Elizabeth's Destiny

Elizabeth’s Destiny

If you live the lifestyle, then you can write about the lifestyle with an understanding and attention to detail to make your reader hot and panting for more. My friend, Jolynn Raymond writes romantic BDSM in historical, paranormal and contemporary novels and short stories that will make you weak and wishing you were one of her characters. Her stories are so much fun to read over and over, so I hope you will enjoy her terrific talent as much as I have.

You can find her books on Amazon here.

S.R. Vicente

Rich Man's Girl

Rich Man’s Girl

The Girls is a series of stand-alone stories by one of the newer English authors, S.R. Vicente; so far she has four hot sexy stories for readers. This series presented unique and sexy short story with the cute twist at the end that makes you smile. The sex scene is explicit and leaves nothing to the imagination except how it feels to have that much fun.

You can buy her books here on Amazon.

Alan Daniels



The first novel by Alan Daniels, Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown had most unlikely hero, was hilariously funny, brilliant in its creativity and a story that I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. Mr. Daniels, my English author friend is currently working on his second full length novel to be released later this year.

Storm Chase



Storm Chase writes romantic stories in exotic places with lots of twists and kinky turns to make them all extremely fun to read. Her stories are about characters, lots of alpha males and submissive females, that meet in unlikely situations that offer a variety of challenges and sometimes danger to get to the loving happy endings you find at the end for each couple.

You can buy her book here on Smashwords.

Cleo Peitsche

Sleeping Lady

Sleeping Lady

Cleo Peitsche writes short stories that are so much fun and full of naughty characters that they are all great stories to read.  She also shares with other authors how to promote stories and has become a great friend.  Reading her stories with the kinky little twists and turns always makes me smile and chuckle as she mixed humor within her erotic tales.

You can find her blog here to find out more about her.

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