My Books on Amazon

You can find my books here on Amazon.

The Milk Barn

The Milk Barn

The Milk Barn

Original watercolor painting on cover

By Kinley Grey:

Vic is a boobs man; he just loves a big pair of jugs. One of his all-time favorite movies is about a very large breasted girl with the name Jugs in the movie. His friend James also like boobs but is not as obsessed as Vic, but a close second. James hears of a new pleasure club called ‘The Milk Barn’ and books a day for Vic and him on Saturday. He wanted to surprise Vic & it had really been hard when he was constantly thinking of advertising jingles for the place. ‘Let the milk flow’ or ‘Natures perfect food, breast milk’ or ‘No straw necessary, just suck a titty.’

You can find The Milk Barn here on Amazon for Kindle

Also available at Barnes & Nobels here or on Smashwords here

Milk Barn Fun

Milk Barn Fun

Milk Barn Fun

Cover art by Rachel Scott

Milk Barn Fun ~ Jack could not remember when he did not love women’s boobs, the sight of them, the feel of them and especially the taste of the milk they produced. His wife Marie teased him often that he was more interested in her boobs that the rest of her and she wasn’t far from wrong. He often started playtime by singing a chant, ‘Booby, booby, where are my boobies? Ready of not here I come to suck on my boobies.’ Marie knew Jack loved her completely and she would just laugh with him because he was so cute when he talked about how he loved ‘Mother’s milk’ or talked about needing ‘Mother’s milk with every meal or three times per day’. The man was obsessed with her size double D’s and she loved all the attention he gave her sensitive breasts.

You can find Milk Barn Fun here on Amazon for Kindle.

You can also find it here on Smashwords


6 thoughts on “My Books on Amazon

  1. Found you! Love the flowers: makes me think of Amsterdam in the Spring.

    I wish I could buy amazon kindle books but they don’t let us in Malaysia. I shall go poke about on Smashwords.

    • Hi Storm,
      Glad you like my iris. I think they are pretty too. I have The Milk Barn on Smashword and will be putting my other titles up soon. ~ Jane

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